Need Genuine Reason? Go no further

We’ve just released this short video to help more shooters know how they can make their membership money work harder for them

Check it out! To sign up, simply go to our membership page by clicking here – and choose which option suits you best!

2 thoughts on “Need Genuine Reason? Go no further

  1. Tom says:

    This video is NOTHING to do with a “genuine reason” for firearms ownership…..if you are going to spout out that you offer such a thing then how about TELLING US IN ENGLISH.

    1. Neil Jenkins says:

      Thanks Tom. I think you missed the point. Being a member with the NSC offers more than just being able to hold a licence. The political stuff is quite important and a great ‘value add’ for no additional cost over other organisations. The video explains this in detail… šŸ™‚


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