THE VICTORIAN FIREARM REGISTRY has chosen to link the issuing of infringement notices for non-firearm related matters to firearm licences, with the result that they have threatened firearm licence suspensions for unrelated matters. 

Matters such as copping speeding fines.

The easiest way to avoid the fine is to back off on the accelerator.

However, if you do happen to get pinged, then then you should always seek an internal review of the fine. In Victoria, that is easy to do. 

Joseph’s infringement notice

JOSEPH is a member of the NSC.   In March, he copped a $232.80 fine for doing 64 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. 

Joseph came to us because he was worried that the infringement notice could impact on his firearms licence. 

He had good reason to, because last year, the Victorian registry started suspended firearms licences and threatened cancellation when some shooters inadvertently breached COVID rules. 

On our advice, Joseph sought an internal review – and the outcome is that the infringement notice has been withdrawn and replaced by an official warning. 

In Victoria, you are entitled to one official warning every 2 years if you have not received any other fines.  This only applies to low level speeding offences.

Fine withdrawn. Guns are safe.

The great news is that Joseph’s fine has been withdrawn and he now has an official warning.  This means nothing should happen with his guns.

He also saved over $230 – which he promptly donated to the NSC with a bit on top ($240).

Thank you Joseph!  This goes straight to helping other shooters.

2 thoughts on “Keep your driver’s licence. Keep your guns.

  1. Leo Hatzigiannis says:

    Hi i have been booked for speed only I wasn’t speeding as said but police officer and if the booking goes threw i will be facing previous changes as i was put on a good behaviour bond and ifci beach itci could face lost of both licences as Drivers licence and shooting licence i beed help can you please help me cheers Leo

  2. David Barton says:

    Hi, Can you provide a reference to the legislation that says “In Victoria, you are entitled to one official warning every 2 years if you have not received any other fines. This only applies to low level speeding offences.”? Thanks. Keep up your great work!

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