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The NSC has quickly become the most progressive and effective political organisation for Australian shooters.

We’ve done a lot for our members. We’ve exposed terrible political and regulatory practices through the media, helped shooters keep their licences and won legal actions that help all shooters.

The NSC now offers Genuine Reason for hunters in Queensland, New South Wales (R licence) and Victoria – which helps you to keep your licence.

That means we offer membership with two options.

Option 1 provides for Regular membership ($35 a year) or pensioner membership ($25 a year). It is your way to support our work plus you will get all of our email updates. Click here to join.

Option 2 is Option 1 with ‘genuine reason’ for hunting in Queensland, NSW and Victoria ($85 for regular membership, $75 for pensioners) – including $20m Public Liability insurance. On that page we also provide copies of the regulatory approvals for each of those states and insurance certificate of currency. Genuine reason is provided by the Hunters & Shooters Society of Australia. It is for hunting, and should not be confused with game licences. Click here to join.

If you are already a member of the NSC and would like to add Genuine Reason, then here’s what you can do:

  1. Email us at for your discount code;
  2. Join using Option 2 (and the discount voucher). The net cost of getting genuine reason will be $50.

What happens next?

You will get instant confirmation of your membership with the NSC by email.

If you have selected Option 2, we will pass your information to the HSSA before the end of the week. As you will see on the page for Option 2, you will need to complete and send the “Deed of Assumption” to the HSSA for insurance purposes. Once received, the HSSA will send you a certificate of membership (which you will need to keep and produce to your local regulator) within 14 days. The NSC will then pay the HSSA for their costs.

The NSC will manage the renewal process. 

The NSC is not responsible for conduct or liabilities of the HSSA, nor is the HSSA responsible for the conduct or liabilities of the NSC

If you have any enquiries about this, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.