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Keep your driver’s licence. Keep your guns.

THE VICTORIAN FIREARM REGISTRY has chosen to link the issuing of infringement notices for non-firearm related matters to firearm licences, with the result that they have threatened firearm licence suspensions for unrelated matters.  Matters such as copping speeding fines. The easiest way to avoid the fine is to back off on the accelerator. However, if […]

UPDATE: Cops try to bury story on beaten pensioner

Remember the story the NSC released on April 28th about Stuart Hart, the 79-year-old Victorian Shooter who was seriously injured during a VicPol firearm storage inspection? Here’s an update and it further strengthens the need for NSC membership now more than ever. The day after the NSC broke Stuart’s story, sections of the media approached […]

Why our lawmakers want appearance laws

– which they base on ‘could’, ‘may’, ‘potential’ and ‘assumption’ The NSC wrote to eight jurisdictional regulators about the policy rationale underpinning our appearance laws and has received seven responses back.     Of those seven: Two jurisdictions offered explanations of why they have the laws; One jurisdiction showed it doesn’t even understand what its own laws […]

NSC wins VicPol reclassification move

TO CAP OFF A GREAT YEAR for the NSC, we’ve now received advice from Victoria Police that it has dropped plans to reclassify the C-More Competition M26 Shotgun. We know that other registries are waiting to see what happens in Victoria on that firearm, so this may be a win in more ways than one! […]

COVID LIES: Another shooter gets his licence back

ANOTHER VICTORIAN SHOOTER who had his licence suspended and firearms seized for simply receiving a COVID fine has had his licence reinstated by the Victorian Licensing & Regulation Division of VicPol. The shooter, X, who is another member of the NSC, needed his licence and firearms for his employment.  The NSC was able to assist X […]