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NSWPol restricts gun storage for wheelchair shooters

This is NSW Police’s new approach on firearm storage by those with ‘limited mobility’ and home carers: MEMO TO NSW POLICE:Please understand what discrimination is ONE OF THE GREAT THINGS about shooting is equality. Men, women, old, young, able-bodied and the disabled can compete on a level playing field – and without questioning ability. However, […]

NSW Police set new low for licence cancellation

THE NSW POLICE have set a new low by cancelling the licence of a shooter who did nothing more than show his licence at a store in the state’s north.  This abuse of power by a registry is the worst that we have ever published – and shows why shooters need a strong NSC. In […]

NSC scores Opinion Piece in Herald Sun

IN MID APRIL, several News Limited papers ran multiple stories obviously fed to it by our famous ‘gun control researchers’ who used the 25th anniversary of Port Arthur to argue that the states have been dragging their feet on the National Firearms Agreement. The stories were a hatchet job by News which failed to provide […]

NSC writes to Jeff Bourman to get firearm legislation reform

The NSC has written to Victorian MP, Jeff Bourman (SFFP) with a proposal to join forces to work towards improvements to the state’s Firearms Act and the way it is administered. The proposal The NSC sees the problems that shooters face as being much deeper than “a couple of bad laws” that need to be […]